I have been under regular chiropractic care for years now. I feel like it maintains my height, my health and my humor. I’m a believer.

For the last several years I’ve been living with arthritis in my hips, mostly in my left hip. At 50+ years old, I thought I was just feeling my age! I could feel my hip grinding and it ached. It wasn’t sharp or profound pain – just a dull and ever-present hurt. I know chiropractic was helping me stay mobile and kept the progression of the arthritis at bay. Nevertheless, it kept me from exercising like I wanted to and it often kept me from sleeping. I worried that eventually I might not be able to travel. Travel is my passion and I was saddened that I might not be able to do it one day.

About a month ago, I “threw out” my back. I hobbled to Dr. Gerard, hugging the walls. We took an x-ray, which revealed that my lower back was severely out of alignment. To use the buzzword: subluxated! Dr. Gerard recommended a program, which included increasing my adjustment frequency and cold laser therapy. I was dumbfounded by the results. With just a couple of cold laser sessions, I was pain-free in my hips and my lower back was less stiff. It was amazing! It was huge!

After completing the recommended course of care, I am more mobile and energetic. And my mobility continues to increase. But I think the most profound thing about being pain-free is the realization of how much the pain had been impacting my life. Not only did it keep me from being as active as I used to be and wanted to be, but I was often in pain and thought about the pain – – a lot. Frankly, it’s hard to think and to focus when in pain. Without pain, I can do anything!

I recommend cold laser to anyone who is experiencing pain. This is an amazing tool and should be in everyone’s “sassy 100” toolbox. Short for: “I-want-to-live-to-be-a-healthy-and-sassy-100-years-old-with-all-my-organs-teeth-and-bones”.

— Karen J.

I have had some ongoing problems with my feet his last year. The first was that I apparently fractured one of my toes in 2 places! This turned out to be way more of an issue than I wanted or expected it to be. After I tried wearing the flat boot, then the scooter to get around on (that was a trip!) and then the monster boot—Dr. Gerard said PLEASE TRY THE COLD LASER! Very long story short(er) – I had 5 treatments, took the supplements she suggested and hallelujah! I have a bionic foot and it is PERFECT! I wish I had listened to her much earlier!

Then… my second problem was on my other foot and this time she didn’t even have to mention it – I signed up for 5 more treatments and now I feel I have two bionic feet! I am still being little more careful than I used to e, but I am SO MUCH BETER and have NO pain!

I say it to all my friends – I am sooooo thankful that Dr. Gerard and her Team have included me in their family! She really does have a GREAT Team!

— Carol G.