Hey, Austin! Do you know what the science says about getting your flu shot?

The Flu Shot According to Mark Hyman, M.D.- practicing physician, founder of The Ultra Wellness Center, and four-time New York Times bestselling author- the wholesale acceptance and promotion of the flu vaccine by government agencies, health care institutions, pharmacies, and physicians is based on flimsy, flawed or inadequate evidence at best. And at worst, it pushes a potentially harmful medical procedure on a poorly informed public.

Let’s briefly review the evidence for and against the flu vaccine based on an independent objective scientific, comprehensive review of ALL the evidence. And let’s look at a few logical holes in our current thinking and public policy about vaccines.

What the Science Says About the Flu Vaccine

A comprehensive search of the flu research in healthy adults aged 18-65 from 1960 to the present including over 40 clinical trials with over 70,000 people found no evidence of benefit for the flu vaccine. Most trials were poorly done, or inadequate to reach clear conclusions. Only the best 50 studies were included in the final analysis.

  • The only studies that showed benefits were industry-funded. Despite this bias, they tended to be published in the most prestigious journals and were the ones most widely quoted, while the publicly funded studies were less likely to show favorable conclusions.
  • They found cases of severe harm and inadequate reporting of adverse effects of the flu vaccine.
  • There are 200+ different strains of flu and viruses that infect people every year. The vaccine covers only about 10 percent of the virus strains that make people sick.
  • If the vaccine strain given in a particular vaccination happened to match the virus caught by the vaccinated person, the likelihood of getting sick from the flu was only reduced from 4 percent to 1 percent.
  • There was NO evidence that the vaccine reduced transmission of the flu (a major rationale for mass vaccination) or complications such as pneumonia (another major justification).
  • These conclusions included the data from biased industry studies, yet still found no benefit except small reductions in flu symptoms in some industry studies.
  • They warned that their already negative conclusions may be UNDERSTATED because of the inclusion of industry-funded studies in their review.

For those who want to dig deep and decide for themselves, I encourage you to read the recent review paper by the international, independent, non-profit Cochrane Collaboration group published in March of 2014[1].

So what can you do to stay healthy?

The false sense of safety from vaccination often prevents people from doing the very things we know work to prevent viral illness including washing our hands, staying home when sick, getting more sleep, eating a healthy diet, getting moderate exercise, taking some basic nutritional supplementation, and making sure your nervous system is free from interference. A randomized trial of 1200 U of vitamin D a day reduced the risk of getting the seasonal flu by 42 percent. Now that’s an easier pill to swallow.

Research shows that after a chiropractic adjustment, your immune system is boosted by almost 50% for 2 days. Ron Pero, Ph.D. found that patients under long-term chiropractic care had 200% better immune function than non-chiropractic patients.

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