Scoliosis of the Spine

Scoliosis, Chiropractic


The word scoliosis comes from the Greek word meaning “crookedness”, so it literally means crookedness of the spine.

From the back view, the spine should be straight, curves to the side are described as scoliosis.  A spinal curve has to be at least 10 degrees before we call it scoliosis.  Scoliosis is found in about 5% of children, mostly found in girls between 10-15 years old, and in 25-30% of the general population.  In those over 60, degenerative scoliosis is found more frequently, 60% or more.  Medical management of scoliosis if the curve is less than 25 degrees is “watchful waiting” nothing is done, the condition is monitored.  If the curve worsens to 25-40 degrees, medical management is to wear a rigid brace for 18-20 hours/day.  If the curve progresses to greater than 40 degrees, they do surgery, implanting Harrington Rods.  This is very extreme.

The chiropractic approach is to catch the smaller curves in the early stages before they progress and do damage to the spine, the nerves, and the organs those nerves supply.  When there are spinal curves and distortion, there is more pressure on one side of the spine than the other, and this pressure interferes with healthy nerve flow, leading to deposits of calcium, called bone spurs, and damage to the discs and joints, which we call arthritis.  The chiropractic approach is to perform a thorough evaluation to determine where there might be subluxations or imbalances in the pelvis or spine.  We take standing x-rays to evaluate for a short leg, and if necessary, compensate with a heel lift.  The earlier we start, the better the results.   The main technique I use in addressing scoliosis is CBP, which uses very specific adjustments, along with pre-stressing the spine, to correct these distortion patterns.  Patients also perform specific exercises and home traction along with their in-office adjustments.  With time and repetition, we see changes.  Like braces on the teeth, it can take months to years to completely correct, so the earlier you start, the quicker the results.  You have heard the saying: “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”  The same applies to the spine. That is why it is so important to have our kids spines checked by a chiropractor, regularly.

Summer is a great time to have your kids checked for scoliosis and any other spinal problems.  They are out of school, and if they do need care, there is time to get started before the busy school year begins.

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