Use This Time to Focus on Restoring Your Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Balance

Stress and Exercise


Stress and Uncertainty

Life has changed dramatically for everyone, and if there’s one thing most humans have in common is that we don’t like change. And we really don’t like uncertainty. How ironic that we know that stress is bad for our health and millions are worried and stressed about Covid 19. But there is a lot you can do to address stress on a physical and mental/emotional level.

When we are under physical, mental or toxic stress, the sympathetic nerves are stimulated. This is called the “fight or flight” response. The large muscles of the body tighten up in preparation for quick movement. The small muscles that stabilize the vertebrae of the spine are dialed down. This instability allows the vertebrae of the neck and back to subluxate (misalign) more easily.

So, the problem is sympathetic dominance. We are in ”fight or flight” mode a great amount of time in our lives today. When we are parasympathetic dominant (tend and befriend) we are able to relax and heal.


Here are a Few Solid Solutions to Help Restore Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Balance:


  • Exercise with an easy walk, even 10 minutes makes a big difference. Do what you like for maximum benefit.
  • Healthy food: free of toxins and chemicals helps alleviate stress and sympathetic dominance.
  • Deep breathing tells your body that all is well and there is no need for “fight or flight”.
  • Adequate sleep helps lower stress levels and balance the nervous system.
  • Use your Pro-lordotic Exerciser and Denneroll to strengthen your neck and back, and maintain a healthy cervical curve.
  • Adjustments are powerful at re-setting the balance from sympathetic to parasympathetic.
  • Use ice if you have any pain, inflammation or swelling. 20 minutes on, then 40 minutes off.

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