Why do babies and children need chiropractic care?

Giving birth is hard work for moms, and can be really hard on babies. Studies show that more than 80% of babies are subluxated (misaligned) at birth. This can be caused by in-utero constraint, the birth process itself, or birth trauma. This pressure on the developing brain stem can set a child up for lifelong health challenges including ear infections, colic, failure to thrive, difficulty nursing, developmental delays, asthma and more. This is why it is so important to have babies checked after birth. Even if they do not display these symptoms, they can still be subluxated. Early correction of subluxation is critical for proper development after birth. The primary spinal curves develop in utero when the baby is curled up inside the mother’s womb. After birth, when the baby is on their stomach, they begin to hold their head up, and look around. From there, the baby begins to get on hands and knees, rocking, then crawling, developing the secondary curves in the neck and low back.

These curves are important because your spine houses and protects your Central Nervous System. The health of that system determines every single function of our body. Compare how the care of your spine mirrors regular dental care. Beginning when we are very young, we understand that regular dental care allows us to mostly keep our teeth our entire life. Some of you are old enough to remember when people only went to the dentist when they had pain and they went to have that tooth pulled. There were a lot of toothless old people. As important as teeth are, they pale in comparison to the benefits of a healthy spine.

Have you ever watched a child as they learn to crawl and then walk? They fall repeatedly — up to 100’s of times per day. This trend continues throughout childhood as they learn to ride bikes, participate in sports and just be a kid. That is why it is so important for children to have their spine checked regularly as they develop and continue throughout their childhood years. If a child does not have a normal neck curve by age 9, they will never be able to develop it. At that point the vertebrae are shaped incorrectly and prohibit the development of a normal curve. Sadly, the lack of normal curve in the neck is the single biggest predictor of scoliosis to worsen. That’s why we should be checking children’s spines from birth and regularly for the rest of their lives. Regular chiropractic care can set them up to be healthier throughout their lives.

Have your children had their spines checked?  With school ending, now is the perfect time!  Call us today at 512-346-3536 to make sure your children growing subluxation free.

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